Create a professional-looking website quickly and easily with step-by-step instructions, videos, and pre-made layout templates

Hello you gorgeous entrepreneur you.

{Yes, I’m talking to you!}

You’re here because it’s time to kick some computer butt. You’re awesome at what you do and it’s time to step up and look like a pro online too! Let’s shine a spotlight on who you are and how you help your customers, and master that all important first impression.


Website in a Week is a DIY website creation journey with a step-by-step approach to get your website online fast…so you can spread your message to the world!

{You know it’s been kicking around your to-do list for the last 6 months.}

My mission is to empower you (and other startups and small business owners) to take control of your website once and for all.

No need to fork out $3000 – 5000 for a “custom” website design.

Own your website assets – so you’re not chained to a website developer to make even the smallest of changes for you…which of course, means you’re forking out your hard-earned money each time you request a change.


Yes you CAN do this – even if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and tech-challenged. You just need to be given the right tools and shortcuts that will make website creation so much easier.

Here’s a summary of the valuable tools, resources and topics covered in the Website in a Week course.

Tutorial videos with each topic broken down into bite-sized, actionable pieces

{Including unlimited access to future updates, so you can refer back whenever you need to.}

Worksheets and checklists to help you implement what you've learned and keep you on track.

Several ready-made web page layout templates... just add photos + text, then hit publish!

{You can edit the templates to add or remove sections, or you can design new layouts from scratch easily with the drag-and-drop building block design.}

WordPress website theme that is user-friendly, flexible, mobile-optimized.

Learn to use my favourite tool to quickly create your own branded website graphics (header image, sidebar graphics and blog images) to personalize your website

{just like I did on this sales page, which by the way, was also created using the website theme I’ll demo in the course!}

You'll have the skills, knowledge + confidence to update your own website... and never have website shame again!


Know exactly how to find answers for free and where to easily outsource the coding to fully customize your website.

These are a few examples of the type of websites you’ll be able to create in the DIY Website in a Week course.

Click the arrows to scroll through the examples, or click the image to enlarge it.

Ready to create your Website in a Week and end your website shame?

Get it off your to-do list

without breaking the bank!


Only $195!

Register Now!

FYI: THIS sales page was created in the same theme you'll be using in Website in a Week!

{And as a bonus, I'll even include the layout template for you to swipe!}

I will walk you through the process (holding your hand when necessary) and be there to help you avoid the technical hurdles so you don’t have a tech-induced meltdown because you don’t know your widget from your whatsit.


I truly believe that most business owners struggle with their website because no one has helped them choose tools that make things EASY.


What if I shared with you the resources I use in my business (and thousands of others use them too), and then walked you through step by step how to get over that the technical hurdles so you can get to the fun part – personalizing your website, making it look awesome and fit your brand, and filling it with your own words.


Wouldn’t that be something you could do AND be darn proud once you’d accomplished it?


I KNOW you can do this!


Maybe you’ve tried to do this on your own. Because EVERYONE says it’s really easy, all you need to do is…

and THAT makes you feel totally stupid.

{You’re not, you’ve just not been given the right tools for the job to make it feel oh-so easy.}

In fact, you’re a smart, talented business person helping your amazing clients with your own special skills. End your website shame! It’s time for people to find you online and be irresistibly drawn to what you have to offer so you can start making a difference in people’s lives and start making more money in your business!

This course is for you if:

You want to get your website out into the world and off your to-do list

You want to create a new website (not transfer or refresh an existing website)

{Most of the course  info will apply to an existing WordPress website also, but transferring websites or hosting  will not be covered in this course…however, I can direct you to resources for that if you need them.}

You are comfortable on a computer and navigating the internet.

You don't have the budget to pay thousands of dollars to a web designer.

You're a small biz owner, entrepreneur, coach or consultant

You want to discover what you CAN do, and where to find help (often free) when you can't

You have a current website and want to learn how to update it and use it more effectively to market your business online.

You want to invest in yourself and your professional business image.

You are motivated, action-oriented and ready to do the work.

You don't give up when you hit a snag - you work through it (with a little help)

You have time to commit to working through the course for approx 1 hour per day.

You're tired of living with website shame.

Angelique’s tutorial videos and written instructions for each part of my website make it easy for me to create my own blog posts and update my web pages myself, and I like that I can refer back to them for a refresher.

Knowing that I have a website backup and that the hosting company can provide so much assistance for free (I never knew that!) gives me the confidence to edit my own website without fear of clicking the wrong button and losing it forever.

Angelique’s suggestions and resources for writing better text for my Home page, Services and About Me section that is good for search engine results yet sounds natural and compelling to attract clients’ interest were really helpful.

Thanks Angelique! I couldn’t have done this without your help.

Shelley Kvamme-Macdonald. Accountant, Kelowna, BC.

 Just imagine…

Designing and launching your own website with ease AND without learning any code

Having a simple step by step guide with video tutorials and worksheets - so you don't get lost or stuck!

Booking more clients because you look credible, professional and like a REAL business.

Finally having control of your own website.

{So you can add content and make changes whenever you want.}

Proudly showing off your professional-looking website.

{In fact, you’ve happily added your website link to your social media bio and your email signature.}

Ready to create your Website in a Week and end your website shame?

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Yes you can! Website from nada to VOILA in just one week!

After taking this course you’ll walk away with:

A beautiful new easy-to-maintain website that you're going to love!

A professional-looking online image to build your credibility + serve your customers

Skills to update and customize your own website and blog

Resources + tutorials to refer back to, and lifetime access to the course (including updates!)

How much is your time worth?

You could spend time frustrated, spinning your wheels by going it alone and never actually create anything you’d be proud to show prospective clients?

How much money are you losing because you don’t have a professional image, or don’t have a services page that wows your customers?

How much longer will you live with your website shame?

Get your website created in ONE week (or a day if you just want to geek out for 8 hours and get it done) and finally get your website live online!

Here are the full course details below. Just click the tabs to read more.

And if you still have questions, pop me an email:


Here is a brief rundown of the topics I’ll cover in every detail, walking you through with videos and worksheets, as well as supporting you in a Facebook group and with a live Q&A video call:

  • Domain and hosting (walking you through step by step including suggested options to suit your techy abilities, time and budget).
  • Installing a new WordPress theme (super quick and easy one-click install, with a few tips to keep your website safe).
  • Uploading your new theme (just a few clicks and voila – ready to customize).
  • Learning your way around the “back end” so you can customize your theme to your brand and personality (including several pre-made templates – YES just upload, change colours and images and fill in your own text. Poof, done!).
  • Adding new pages and blog posts.
  • Uploading images. Adding videos and audios for a multi-media experience for your website visitors.
  • Adding an opt-in form (I’ll demonstrate Mailchimp, so have your account already set up to follow along) to collect email addresses so you can build your list.
  • Adding extras like social media sharing, automatic backups, and easy to use organic SEO – so you can get ranked in Google search and get found online.
  • Resources that will help you with your website copy, finding free photos and graphics to use (and of course, how to get all that into your website).


  • Ongoing technical support from your website host (usually free!), if you ever accidentally blow up your website (maybe you somehow found a way to mysteriously “delete all”), or if you add a plugin that’s incompatible with your theme and suddenly your screen is blank… your web hosting company can help, usually for free, with a whole lot of little technical hiccups. Which means, you don’t have to sweat it, and you don’t need to hire a web developer and fork over money to fix it
    • True story:  I did this myself years ago. A plugin I installed screwed up my website and I couldn’t even get into the back-end. I paid a web developer $300 to find the problem and fix it. When he told me it turned out to be an incompatible plugin, so the next time a similar thing happened, I called my hosting company Bluehost, who cheerfully reverted my website back to an version from earlier in the week…all for free with a 15 minute phone call.

 How is the course delivered?

  Every module has video tutorials to give you instructions in manageable chunks, and a worksheet or checklist to help you take action.     You get instant access to all the modules, so you can follow along in order, or pick and choose which parts are relevant to you right now. Because there are strategy sections and how-to sections, it makes sense for me to offer you all the lessons right away, instead of drip-feeding them to you like other courses do.   There will be a Facebook group for support and feedback, and so you can share your designs, layout, images and get some cheers for your successes.   You can choose to do the course at a pace that suits your schedule and commitment level each daybut if you allow 1 hour per day you should get your new website up and running in less than a week.   Plus you’ll get lifetime access to any updates and material added to the course in the future versions.

Before we begin…

  Here are some other things you might want to do ahead of time or plan to have in place so you hit the ground running when you get access to the course:

  • Buy Elegant Themes theme package ($69 for 80+ themes – we’ll be using the super easy, flexible, mobile-optimized DIVI theme)
  • Find some images for your website (stock or your own photos) – we’ll cover this in the course, but if you have some already, even better.
  • Have some copy (text) for your web pages, or hire a copywriter to write it for you (you can always do this after and just use placeholder text for now). If you don’t have it ready, no sweat. There will be additional resources with worksheets to help you write some compelling text for your website.
  • View the sample website examples so you have an idea of layout and can start thinking about the pages you might want to include on your website.
  • If you want to add an opt-in form to collect emails, you’ll also need to set up your account. I use Mailchimp myself (there’s a free version that I used until I set up my automatic response email series – now I pay $10/month) and I’ll refer to Mailchimp when I cover the setup of an opt-in form.

You’ll also need…

  • to invest in a domain name and website hosting (i recommend Bluehost). We’ll cover this in module 1 including the various costs that affect the price of website hosting so you can choose one that fits your budget and technical know-how. Typically, a domain costs $5-15 and web hosting costs $5-30/month. Remember that this is an investment in your business – free websites are less flexible and customizable, and they do not perform well when it comes to getting found in search engines (SEO).

  • to purchase Elegant Themes website package. Personal edition is $69/yr. You’ll be buying your own theme (actually a collection of 80+ WordPress themes in case you one day want to change your website) so you have access to any updates, as well as their own tutorial videos, help forum and technical support.

  • The course price also does not include images, graphics, copywriting, or any specific coding customizations you might choose to invest in. You will be given a resources guide on where to find free and paid additional resources.


Graphics made easy course

A tutorial video about the super-easy graphics program called Canva ( so you can quickly and effortlessly make branded, professional looking images and graphics for your website header image, sidebar images, call to action buttons, and blog posts, as well as to use on your social networks.

My little black book of resources + tools

You won’t have to go searching on the web for the best time-saving tools – I’ve chosen the cream of the crop, and use them every day in my business.

DIY Website in a Week layout template + tutorial video

A step-by-step tutorial video revealing the exact process I used to create the DIY Website in a Week sales page AND I’ll even give you the premade layout template that you can swipe…so you can upload it and fill it with your own content. BOOM! Sales page done in minutes!

Wait… I’ve got questions!

{a.k.a. FAQs}

What if I need extra support?

This is DIY course that you can do at your own pace. With all the tutorial videos (28+ and counting), worksheets, templates and resources, it’s a great value at only $195 – a fraction of what you would pay a web developer, and it saves you hours of time searching all over YouTube because you get every step in one place.

All of the steps, from chosing a domain, registering hosting, installing WordPress… right through uploading your images, creating branded graphics, and more – are all laid out for you to succeed, even if you’re not super techy.

However, if you feel that you need some 1-on-1 support, you can contact me to book a 30-minute or 60-minute session to answer your questions, brainstorm a website strategy or opt-in freebies you could offer, work through ideas and implementation if you’re stuck, or whatever you need help with. We’d do this via video call so we can share screens, and you get a recording to refer back to.

A 30-minute session is $65. A 60-minute session is $100, and can be booked any time, dependent upon availability. (Prices subject to change until booked and paid for). These discounted sessions are a special offer only to people enrolled in the Website in a Week course. (For example, my regular 1-hour Breakthrough session is $250).

What if I already have a website and just want to refresh it?
This course is for creating brand new websites. However, if there is enough demand during the beta-run, there might be an upgrade option next time round for you to complete your web design and add some existing text and images, or have your website transferred to your existing host.

Are there different web designs to choose from?
Check out the following examples of websites created using this theme. These are the options I’ll be demonstrating. However, once you learn to use the easy “building block design” that’s a feature of the website theme we’re using, you’ll have the skills to be able to create endless variations if you so desire. Also, because you’ll be purchasing the Elegant Themes licence, you’ll have access to 80+ other website designs if you wish to change to a new theme in the future. That is, however, beyond the scope of this course.

Why is the cost of domain and web hosting not included in the price?
The price of the course includes instruction, tutorial videos, worksheets, resources guide, and access to the private Facebook group (and possibly a few other bonuses). The price does not include web hosting, domain, or theme purchase. We’ll discuss this in detail during the first module of the course, but the short answer is that domain prices and web hosting costs vary, depending on add-ons, length of contract, hosting company, domain registrar, and a number of other factors. You’ll be given suggestions as well as what to look for when choosing a domain and host so you can make a smart, informed decision for your investment. The website theme needs to be purchased by the website owner so that you can access updates to the theme, as well as additional tutorial videos, help forum, and support ticket requests. The course price also does not include images, graphics, copywriting, or any specific coding customizations you might choose to invest in. You will be given a resources guide on where to find free and paid additional resources.

What do you mean by uploadable templates?
One of my favourite features of the website theme we’ll be using is that not only is it easy to use with a “building block” module layout to create your website pages, but once you’ve created a page that you like, you can also save that layout to use again. This is handy if you want to duplicate a layout for a new page, or you can even upload page layouts that other people have shared with you. Which means….way less time and effort in designing each page {woo hoo!} The theme comes with some very good layout templates that you can load your content into, or you can use the layouts as a starting point and modify them so they are customized to your needs. A layout might include a header or photo slider for the top of the page, a text section, 3 columns with “blurbs” describing your products or services, another section with a video on one side and some text on the other, and a “call to action” box at the bottom with a link to your contact page or to get them to “buy now”.

What if I don't have my branding or website text yet?
This course is not focused on branding and copywriting for your website, though both are an important aspect to your online presence. However, I will provide you with some additional resources to help you choose branding colours and fonts, and to help you create some compelling text for your website pages.

Will I have to learn code?
Definitely not! The beauty of this website theme is that it is easy, flexible and best of all, you won’t need code to make the web designs demonstrated in the videos or as examples. You will receive a pdf guide that will direct you to resources should you wish to hire someone for specific customizations on your website, as well as free forums where you can possibly get help with small custom coding questions to enhance your web design.

What if I'm not very tech savvy?
You should feel comfortable on your computer, downloading worksheets, and navigating online. Other than that, just follow the step by step tutorial videos. The Facebook group is also available for support, questions and feedback.

What if I really can't complete my website?
If you work through the course materiel and find that DIY web design is not for you, I’ll offer you a credit for the value you paid for the course towards one of my done-for-you web design packages.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?
I’d recommend blocking off the time in your schedule (at least an hour a day) so you can commit to working through the modules and have a chance to ask questions and get feedback while it is available. You will have access to the course material whenever you need a refresher, and you’ll get to take advantage of any future updates of course material at no extra cost.

Will we be creating a WordPress website?
Yes! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • WordPress is the most common website platform (or content management system, also referred to as CMS) and it’s trusted around the world. Companies big and small use WordPress.
  • It is highly flexible – so your website can change and grow with you as your business grows.
  • It’s pretty easy to learn to create, customize and manage your own website – thus empowering you as well as saving you money by not having to constantly run to a web developer to update your website.
  • There are thousands of add-ons and cool extra features, many of them free.
  • If you ever need help, WordPress such a common platform that you can easily hire someone or ask for help in a forum.

  {FYI: I’m referring to the self-hosted that we’ll be using, not… I know, it’s confusing.}

Still got questions? Let’s chat!

Fire me an email at with your questions, or we can schedule a time to hop on the phone if you prefer.

Just $195!

{You will need to purchase your own domain, hosting and the WordPress theme package

so you own your business assets AND get access to ongoing technical help.}

Seriously! Your entire website including owning your domain, web hosting AND a collection of website themes for a few hundred bucks!

A cracking good deal plus empowerment, confidence and bragging rights to boot.

And of course, a gorgeous new website to show off to the world!

Ready to create your Website in a Week?

Only $195 – to get your website created and off your to-do list FAST!

Register Now!

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